Lea Martinez

Net Worth

$500 Thousand


Jan 10, 2003



21 years old

Birth Sign

Check out this awesome TikTok creator! She’s blowing up with her slayeas account, sharing dance, comedy, and even Star Wars stuff. With over 3.9 million followers, she’s a big deal. Plus, you can catch her on Instagram and Twitch too!

Before Fame

Before diving into social media, she spent more than a decade as a club swimmer.


One of her big hits is this cool POV where she goes to the dark side, Star Wars style, dancing with a lightsaber. She’s into cosplay too, showcasing Marvel, Star Wars, and video games on her account.


You might’ve seen her sister on her old lea.martineezz Instagram. They’re super tight, Lea even calls Adriana her bestie. And hey, rumor has it she’s dating Luke Ross, also known as lukes_lightsabers.

Associated With

Back in August 2020, she did this TikTok duet with Willywonkatiktok. It was pretty fun.

Lea Martinez