Duke Depp

Net Worth

$1.5 Million


Dec 12, 2000



23 years old

Birth Sign

Imagine this guy on TikTok who nails the Willy Wonka character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His videos are hilarious! He’s got over 20 million followers on his Willywonkatiktok account and hangs out with other cool creators like Larray and Tyler Bott.

Before Fame

Back in 2016, he started snapping pics at weddings, capturing those beautiful moments. Then in May 2020, he jumped onto TikTok. Now, he’s sharing his photography skills and some fun stuff too.


This guy’s actual name is Tyson Duke Charlesworth. But get this, he’s got another TikTok account, goes by Dukedepp. He’s super fun with his fans and calls them Oompa Loompas and his Dear Children.


Guess where he’s from? Utah! And hey, his furry buddy Willy Jr. steals the spotlight in his TikToks and Insta snaps. Plus, he’s got an older sis, Kaestle, and even featured his younger sis in a TikTok video back in June 2021. Oh, and his mom? Stef.

Associated With

Back in August 2020, he teamed up with another TikTok buddy, Lexlyfe. They did this lip-sync video of a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The video earned over 7 million views.

Duke Depp