Karely Ruiz

Net Worth

$5 Million


May 27, 2000



24 years old

Birth Sign

This Instagram sensation, Karely Ruiz, caught everyone’s attention with her awesome posts! Rocking her curves in comfy outfits, she’s all about those mirror selfies. Plus, she keeps us in the loop with her life and hangs out with other cool Insta folks. And hey, she’s got quite the following on OnlyFans too.

Before Fame

Born in Mexico on October 28, 2000, Karely Ruiz’s journey started early. She found her groove on TikTok, sparking a fire that drove her path. Challenges came, but Karely’s determination kept her going strong. Her formative years laid the groundwork for the remarkable career she’d forge ahead.


Back in March 2016, Karely Ruiz kicked off her Instagram journey, and boy, did she make an entrance! Her very first post sparked the start of something big. With her bold and captivating style, Karely drew in thousands of fans who couldn’t get enough of her confidence and charm. Now, her Instagram fam has grown to over 900,000 strong, eagerly awaiting her every post.

But it’s not just about the numbers for Karely; it’s about the genuine bond she shares with her followers. She’s more than just an Instagram star; she’s an inspiration, showing the world that with dedication and passion, anything is possible. Her journey proves that we all have the power to turn our dreams into reality.


Originally from Mexico, she’s a proud mom to her daughter, Mayra. In 2023, she formed a tight bond with social media star Gracie Bon.

Associated With

Both hailing from Mexico, Karely Ruiz and Arlyn Salazar shine on Instagram with their signature mirror selfies.

Karely Ruiz