Eva Elfie

Net Worth

$3 Million


May 27, 2000



23 years old

Birth Sign

Meet the TikTok sensation, known for her hilarious comedy and lifestyle videos. Dazzling in different characters with stylish lighting, her theevaelfie account has soared to 6 million followers and a whopping 85 million likes. In just a few months, she skyrocketed to become the top Russian performer on a well-known adult website. Her rapid rise to fame speaks volumes about her charm and the way she effortlessly connects with people worldwide.

Before Fame

She joined TikTok in February 2020.


On her theevaelfie Instagram, she shares modeling pics, gathering 4.3 million followers. A heartfelt video thanking her audience has hit big, scoring over 15 million views.


She hails from Omsk, Russia.

Associated With

Her TikTok vibes include Billie Eilish tunes, collaborations with Julia Kravchuk in 2021, and frequent features of Doja Cat’s music in her videos.

Eva Elfie