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$1 Million


Jan 01, 1990



34 years old

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She is a reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico. Her songs are famous worldwide, and now she has become a re-knower singer with so many listeners on the Spotify app. She has been working in the music industry since she was 11, as she was part of a musically driven family. She is a pop singer singing very well, and the list of her listeners is increasing daily. She sings in various music genres and styles, making her unique and amazing in her style. So let’s discover her more by diving deep.

Early Life

Chesca was born in Puerto Rico to her parents. Her family has been in music since her childhood. She grew up with a love of music surrounding her. She gained her early education from the schools of her birthplace. At the age of ten, Chesca started taking music classes, and after that, she started her training in performance academics.

Before Fame

Before getting fame, Chesca was taking music classes and performance training because she always wanted to be a singer like her father. Her birth in a music lover’s family made her more determined in the singing dream. When Chesca reached the age of 11, she started her professional career of singing. She performed for a cover band hosted by her father. Her father’s cover band name was Flashback.


As she started her career very early, but she got herself improved with time. Her beautiful voice can effortlessly weave together different styles and genres, such as soul, hip-hop, Latin pop, and R&B. When a child, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson highly influenced her.

When she was singing for her father, her that song tracks were listened to by the company of Song Executive Record, which started inquiry about her. During that time, she was highly injured in a boat accident. She passed a lot of surgeries, but she kept singing altogether because music gave her peace of mind.

When she reached 21, she returned to the industry with a massive change. She moved to Miami, where she won the award of gig singing lead, introduced by PCD Burlesque Review. In the same year, she released her solo debut, “Azucar.” Later, Chesca moved to Los Angeles and joined Gustavo Lopez, the CEO of Saban Music Group.

At that time, Chesca turned her dream into reality. When 2019 came, Chesca joined Pitbull, Raney, and Giorgio for different singles. She released many new songs, including “Te Quiero Baby” and “Four Seasons. In 2021, she released eight videos of her singles featuring Static, Ben EL, and Pitbull. In 2022, she also released some new songs, such as “TuTuRu,” with different remixes featured later. She has an Instagram page where she posts her selfies and promotions of her songs.


Both of Chesca’s parents are singers. She grew up in a musical environment. She sang different songs with her father. She also posts pictures with her father and mother on her Instagram handle. She is the only child of her parents.

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Chesca’s life is influenced by two personalities: Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin.