Kandy Fenty: (Rihana’s Older Sister) – Bio, Age, Net Worth and More

In family stories, let me tell you about Kandy Fenty. She was born in Barbados back in August 1971. Her childhood had its twists: her dad wasn’t around, and her mom moved to the UK. But Kandy was raised by her loving grandparents, who filled her life with care and guidance.

When Kandy decided to search for her dad, she didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a heartwarming journey. She reunited with her father, Ronald Fenty, and found a missing piece of herself.

But Kandy’s story isn’t just about her. It’s about her half-sister, Rihanna, the superstar. We want to delve into Kandy’s life, from her uncertain beginnings to her beautiful reunion with her dad and the close-knit relationships in the Fenty family.

Through these words, we want to share Kandy’s journey, her work as a pharmacy assistant, her bonds with family, and her unique connection with the iconic Rihanna. It’s a story of love, resilience, and the power of family ties.

Kandy Fenty Bio & Wiki

Full NameKandy Fenty
Nick NameKandy
Date of BirthAugust, 1971
Birth PlaceSt. Michael, Barbados
Age52 years
ProfessionPharmacy Assistant
Known ForRihnana’s Older Sister
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameN/A
Children(s)Crystal and Brandy
Father NameRonald Fenty
Mother NameN/A
SiblingsJamie Fenty, Samantha Fenty, Rajad Fenty, Rorrey Fenty and Rihanna
Kandy Fenty Rihanas Older Sister and Siblings

Early Life

Kandy Fenty’s early years carry a unique story. Born from her mom’s brief relationship with Ronald Fenty, her upbringing was a puzzle without her dad around. Raised by her caring grandparents, Kandy grew up not knowing much about her father. But as she hit her twenties, curiosity led her back to Barbados. Reuniting with Ronald Fenty felt like finding a missing piece of her life’s puzzle, bringing a beautiful harmony to her family story.

Discovery of Her Father

Kandy Fenty’s quest to find her father started early on. When her mom left for the UK, she stayed behind with her grandparents, always wondering about her dad, Ronald Fenty. It wasn’t until she was in her twenties that Kandy decided to seek him out.

Returning to Barbados, she mustered up the courage to knock on her father’s door, introducing herself with a simple, yet profound, “Hi, I’m Kandy, your daughter.” This brave move led to a heartfelt reunion. Ronald not only accepted Kandy but also welcomed her into his family, introducing her to her younger half-siblings, including a 15-year-old Rihanna.

Rihanna and Siblings

When Kandy joined the Fenty family, everything changed. Meeting her half-siblings, including Rihanna, Rorrey, and Rajad, was a big moment for her. Despite the age gaps, Kandy and Rihanna quickly formed a close bond that went beyond just being stepsisters.

Kandy fondly remembers Rihanna’s cool vibe even at just 15. Getting to know her other half-siblings, Samantha and Jamie Fenty, from Ronald’s previous relationships, added even more depth to their family story. The reunion became a joyful celebration of new connections, with Kandy stepping into her role as the oldest of six siblings, each adding their piece to the colorful Fenty family picture.

Personal Life

Besides her family ties, Kandy Fenty made her mark in Barbados. Working as a pharmacy assistant, she found satisfaction in her job while staying connected to her roots. But her story goes beyond work.

Kandy also found happiness in marriage and motherhood, raising her daughters, Crystal and Brandy. This part of her life shows how she balanced her career with her family, finding joy in both. Even though she’s related to a global superstar, Kandy prefers a quieter life, only popping up in family photos and at special gatherings now and then.


Becoming part of the Fenty family wasn’t just about reuniting; it laid the groundwork for lasting connections. Kandy and her father, Ronald Fenty, shared a bond that spanned the years apart. Through shared memories and experiences, Ronald wasn’t just a father to Kandy; he was a link to her past. This bond became central to Kandy’s life, showing how family ties can endure and how reconciliation is possible. In the Fenty family, Kandy’s role wasn’t just as the oldest sibling; she became a living example of the strength of family bonds.

Comparison with Rihanna’s Success

When you hear “Fenty,” Rihanna often comes to mind—a powerhouse in music, fashion, and beauty. Kandy sees Rihanna’s success with pride and admiration. Rihanna’s journey to becoming the richest female musician, with ventures like Fenty Beauty and collaborations with big names like Bernard Arnault, isn’t just her triumph; it’s a source of collective pride for the whole Fenty family.

Rihanna’s achievements have strengthened their bond, bringing them shared joy and celebrations. It shows that success can bring families together, creating moments of unity and happiness.

Kandy Fenty's Net Worth

Kandy Fenty’s Net Worth and Financial Details

When it comes to finances, Kandy Fenty’s story isn’t as talked about as her sister’s. Estimates put her net worth at a modest level, mainly from her job as a pharmacy assistant. On the other hand, Rihanna’s net worth is staggering, sitting at around $600 million, making her one of the richest women worldwide.

This difference in financial standing between the siblings highlights the varied paths to success within the Fenty family. Each of them adds their piece to the family’s story, showing that success can come in many forms.

Maintaining a Low Profile

In today’s world, where social media often shines a spotlight on personal lives, Kandy Fenty takes a different route. Unlike her famous sister, Kandy prefers a quieter life, staying out of the public eye. You’ll only see her occasionally in family photos or at special events, showing she values privacy alongside her family’s fame.

This choice isn’t accidental. Kandy intentionally strikes a balance between staying connected and keeping things private. It shows her focus on meaningful relationships rather than seeking validation from the outside world.

Public Perception and Controversies

Kandy’s journey of self-discovery and reconnecting with family had its share of hurdles. Issues with her mother, whose identity was initially a mystery, added complexity to their relationship. But over time, Kandy and her mother worked through their differences, showing that reconciliation and peace are possible within families.

People might have opinions about family dynamics, but Kandy’s story is one of healing and acceptance. It’s a reminder that even in challenges, there’s always a path forward toward understanding and forgiveness.


As we wrap up our look into Kandy Fenty’s life, it’s clear her story goes beyond just family ties. It’s a testament to human resilience, the power of coming together, and the profound impact of shared experiences. In the Fenty family, Kandy isn’t just the oldest sibling; she’s a symbol of connection, strength, and love.

Her journey, alongside her famous sister Rihanna, shows that families can take different paths, each adding to the colorful Fenty legacy. Together, they weave a tale of diversity and strength, painting a vibrant picture of what family truly means.


Q: Is Rihanna the oldest sibling?

Nope, Rihanna isn’t the oldest. Kandy Fenty holds that title. She’s currently 52 years old.

Q: What does Samantha Fenty do for a living?

Samantha Fenty works as a political consultant, bringing even more diversity to the range of jobs within the Fenty family.

Q: How old is Samantha Fenty?

Samantha Fenty is 42 years old, adding to the mix of ages among the Fenty siblings.