Drew Pritchard’s New Wife – Is He In A Relationship With Rebecca Pritchard?

You might know Drew Pritchard from shows like Salvage Hunters. He’s got a knack for finding treasures in unexpected places, earning him the nickname “The Junkyard Genius.” He’s even found gems like a vintage card table and chair set from the 1800s, rumored to have set him back £15,000.

Everything About Drew Pritchard’s New Wife

Name Andrew Drew Pritchard
DOB June 24, 1970
Age 53 (as of 2024)
Zodiac Cancer
Sex Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Weight 87 KG
Hair Colour Bald
Net Worth $9 Million(2nd April 2024)

New Wife? Is Drew Pritchard dating his sister, Rebecca?

New Wife? Is Drew Pritchard dating his sister, Rebecca

No, Drew and Rebecca Pritchard aren’t an item anymore. They got hitched once, but things didn’t pan out well. They officially split back in 2017. Though they kept quiet about why, it seemed like they both agreed it was for the best. Some folks speculated that Drew’s thing with Amanda Thomas caused the rift, but turns out, they’d already called it quits before that rumor started swirling. The funny thing is, Drew and Amanda had known each other for ages, ever since their kids hit it off. Drew even tried to patch things up with Rebecca, but it just didn’t stick. Still, they’re pros at keeping it civil, especially since they still co-host Salvage Hunter together and make sure their kids stay tight. As for Drew, he’s been flying solo post-divorce, with no strings attached.

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Drew Pritchard’s first wife was named Rebecca

Drew’s ex, Rebecca Jane Pritchard, had quite the hustle going on. She rocked the real estate scene and starred on reality TV, mainly doing her thing in the countryside up north in Wales. Plus, she owned this rad campground tourists loved. Now, she’s 63, born in February 1958 in the UK. Before diving into all that, she kicked off her career in fashion and retail consulting, bouncing between the US and Hong Kong for nearly twenty years. That’s where she crossed paths with Drew back in the early 2000s. Their bond sparked fast, bonding over their shared passion for old stuff and scrapyards. They tied the knot not long after, though the exact date’s still up for debate. As they teamed up for their show, their love story unfolded on and off camera. They made a great team, Drew and his first missus.

Children of Drew Pritchard

Drew and his ex, Rebecca, have a son named Tom who’s always pitching in at the shop. Beyond that, there’s not much info floating around about him online. It’s kind of like a mystery! As for Drew’s family situation, it’s unclear if he’s got more kids or none at all. But what we do know is Drew’s big in the TV world, especially for his gig on Salvage Hunters.

Drew Pritchard’s New Wife’s Net Worth

Experts foresee Drew Pritchard’s worth surpassing $8 million by April 2024. Hosting Salvage Hunters has really lined his pockets, alongside running his antique restoration shop. We’re not sure how much he makes each year, though.

Drew’s all about hunting down treasures. His TV debut in 2011 with Salvage Hunters was a game-changer, starting him on the path to fame. He used to work with stained glass, but now he’s all about antique goodies, especially architectural stuff. Since ’93, he’s been all about unique finds. Recently, he decided to sell his home after almost 20 years, putting it up for 795 thousand pounds.

More About Drew Pritchard More

Born on June 24, 1970, Drew Pritchard deals in architectural antiques. Before that, he was into stained glass restoration. Since ’93, he’s been hustling solo, making sure his antiques are top-notch. You might’ve caught him on Salvage Hunters in 2011, where his antique trading adventures took the spotlight.

With over 137K followers on Instagram (drewpritchardantiques), Drew shares his projects. He even collaborated with Barker & Stonehouse on exclusive furniture. You can still find glimpses of his antique finds on social media and his website, Drew Pritchard. As for his personal life, he keeps it under wraps.

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Unknown Facts About Drew Pritchard:

Musical Talent: Before getting into antiques, Drew Pritchard was all about music. He jammed on the bass guitar in a band back in the day, showing he’s got more than just a knack for old stuff.

Artistic Background: You might know Drew for his antiques, but he’s got an artsy side too. Before the antique gig, he trained in stained glass restoration and art, proving he’s a jack of all trades.

Environmental Conservation Advocate: Drew’s not just into antiques; he’s big on saving the planet too. He’s all about repurposing and restoring old stuff, helping out the environment while preserving history.

Photography Enthusiast: Besides antiques, Drew’s big into photography. He snaps pics of his finds and projects, showing off his eye for detail on social media.

Private Collector: Yep, Drew’s not just selling antiques; he’s collecting them too. He’s got a stash of rare treasures, showing he’s in it for more than just business.

Vintage Car Enthusiast: You might see Drew on TV talking about antiques, but he’s also got a soft spot for vintage cars. He’s all about classic rides, not just classic finds.

Charity Supporter: Even though he keeps his personal life low-key, Drew’s big on charity. He gets involved in events and auctions, using his fame to help out those in need.

Philanthropic Endeavors: Drew’s not just about antiques; he’s all about giving back too. He’s been into philanthropy beyond the spotlight, showing he’s got a big heart behind the scenes.

These little-known sides of Drew Pritchard paint a fuller picture of him. He’s not just an antique dealer; he’s a guy with lots of interests and a big heart.