Do Alec And Kaleb Get Paid For Commercials?

Let’s be real: Nowadays, young folks look up to influencers, YouTubers, and reality TV stars as if they were Hollywood celebs. And guess what? The demand for these influencers is skyrocketing by the minute.

Big and small businesses are all scrambling to get these online stars to promote their stuff – whether it’s food, clothes, gadgets, you name it. These guys hold some serious marketing power.

But it’s not just businesses cashing in on their fame. Charities like Shriners Children’s Hospital are getting in on the action too. Take Alec and Kaleb, for example. These two are practically Shriners poster boys. They’ve been featured in tons of ads and commercials, helping raise funds and awareness for the hospital.

And let me tell you, the results? Pretty darn impressive. It’s amazing how much good can come from teaming up with popular influencers like them.

Who are Shriners Hospitals for Children?

Before we dive into Alec and Kaleb’s inspiring work, let’s talk about the organization they’re closely tied to – Shriners.

Shriners Hospitals for Children is all about helping kids. It’s a bunch of nonprofit hospitals scattered across the USA, with a motto that says it all: ‘Love to the Rescue.’

These hospitals are lifelines for kids up to 18, sometimes even up to 21, depending on the situation. They specialize in treating all sorts of stuff, from burns to spinal issues, orthopedic conditions, cleft lips and palates, and more.

Now, Shriners International is the bigwig behind these hospitals, headquartered in sunny Florida, Tampa to be precise. The funny thing is, they used to go by a fancier name – Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, but nowadays, they’re just called ‘Shriners.’

But here’s the cool part: kids who need help don’t have to be in the Shriners club or anything like that. These hospitals are open to anyone who needs their care, no strings attached. That’s what makes them so special.

Who is Alec Cabacungan?

Who is Alec Cabacungan?
Hanley Ramirez greets 15 year old Alec Cabacungan prior to the game as the Red Sox take on the Tigers at Fenway – @Getty

Let me introduce you to Alec Cabacungan, a remarkable young man who’s been making waves as a spokesperson and ambassador for Shriners Children’s Hospital, also known as Shriners Children’s Chicago, alongside his buddy Kaleb.

Alec’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition that makes bones brittle, he’s faced more than his fair share of challenges. But here’s the thing about Alec – he’s one of the bravest souls you’ll ever come across.

Since he was just a tiny tot of two months old, Shriners has been his rock, providing top-notch care through numerous surgeries and over 60 bone breaks. Despite all this, Alec’s spirit remains unbreakable.

And get this – he’s not just surviving; he’s thriving. Alec pursued his passion for sports broadcasting at Northwestern University, defying all odds.

But here’s where it gets cool. Alec and Kaleb aren’t just internet sensations with millions of followers; they’re also using their platform for good. They’ve raised awareness for countless health issues affecting kids and young adults, all while racking up funds for Shriners.

Now, you might wonder if they get paid for those commercials they star in. Well, hang tight – we’ll talk about that in a bit.

Who is Kaleb?

Who is Kaleb?
Source: lovetotherescue

Now, let’s meet the other half of Shriners’ dynamic duo – Kaleb.

Kaleb’s been part of the Shriners family practically since day one. Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, he’s faced more than 200 bone breaks and undergone over 10 surgeries. Talk about resilience!

Unlike Alec, Kaleb relies on a wheelchair for mobility, but that hasn’t stopped him from being an absolute warrior. He refuses to let his condition define him.

Kaleb’s strength knows no bounds. He’s even working on standing and walking without his wheelchair. Now, that’s what I call determination!

So, do Alec and Kaleb Get paid for commercials?

Well, you bet they do! Alec’s sitting on a cool net worth of $500,000, and Kaleb’s doing even better. And where’s all that cash coming from? Mostly from their marketing and advertising gigs.

These guys are the real deal. They’ve teamed up with mega-brands like Nike, Pepsi, and McDonald’s, making them hotshots in the world of marketing. Their inspiring story and massive online following make them prime candidates for these big-name partnerships.

But it’s not just about selling stuff. Alec and Kaleb have also lent their star power to charity commercials and, of course, Shriners.

Now, we don’t have the exact figures on how much they rake in from these deals, but given their fame and influence, you can bet it’s a hefty paycheck. And you know what? They’ve earned every penny. Cheers to their success!